For Businesses

"Not only is the system amazing, but the service provided by the MATRIX team is exemplary"
- Learning Specialists learn more

MATRIX is an LMS for businesses that makes it easy to deliver the best online training to employees and customers.

MATRIX provides a comprehensive set of features that every business needs such as: a customizable portal, graphical dashboards, integrated e-commerce functionality, gamification, rules engine, learning paths, GoToMeeting integration, certificates, collaboration tools, and more.

The MATRIX interface has a modern, intuitive, and responsive design with mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Visit the MATRIX site to see more details on features and pricing.


For Schools and Universities

NEO LMS is working so well for us that all schools, K through 12 in our district, are using the product"
- Santa Barbara Unified School District learn more

NEO is an LMS for use by individual teachers, schools, districts, and universities that makes it easy to deliver online education.

NEO provides the range of functionality you'd expect in a modern LMS, such as support for classes, 12 kinds of assignment, full-featured gradebook, curricula and proficiencies, gamification, rules engine, learning paths, SIS integration, LTI integration, collaboration tools, and more.

NEO has a beautiful, easy to use interface that keeps users happy and engaged, with a responsive design and mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Visit the NEO site to see more details on features and pricing.

About Cypher Learning

CYPHER is an e-learning company, based in San Francisco that provides learning platforms for schools and businesses.

CYPHER has two products: NEO, an LMS for schools and universities, and MATRIX, an LMS that focuses on businesses. The CEO and Founder of CYPHER is Graham Glass, a serial entrepreneur with a track record of innovation. Graham has a strong background in education and software, having taught computer science at the University of Texas at Dallas and founding two education companies, so deep familiarity with the features that teachers and students need is in the company's DNA.

The company first started with NEO in 2009 which soon grew into a very popular LMS for schools and universities. In 2010 the company launched the business version MATRIX.

Both products are known for their beautiful user interfaces, comprehensive set of features, pricing that provides great value for money, and professional support staff.

CYPHER has offices around the world in locations such as San Francisco, Mexico, Philippines, South Africa, and Romania.

  • We're used by 20,000 Organizations
  • We support 40 Languages
  • We have 1,000,000 Users
  • We run 24/7 At high performance


MATRIX is an LMS that makes it easy to deliver online training to your employees and customers. Grow your business by providing the best e-learning content and generate revenue selling courses.


NEO is an LMS for use by schools, districts, and universities. NEO makes it easy to create online classes that students will enjoy anytime, anywhere.


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